Separations and divorces, family law

In JAVALOYES LEGAL find the divorce lawyer you need, you specialize in everything related to family law, marital and family crises.
We advise on: marital conflict, family, partners, liquidation of community property, family property regimes, prenuptial agreements, inheritance and family mediation.
Legally assist in processes of separation, divorce and marriage annulments, ruptures of unmarried couples, claims and disputes over paternity, maintenance claim, settlement of Conjugal Society, execution of default judgments, unpaid pension and visitation enforcement .
Remember that these procedures have to be treated with special care and attention. The aspects related to these conflicts occur in yourself and your children about lasting effects over time, so you should be in the hands of a truly qualified and experienced personnel. Someone to trust.

      • Request measures.
      • Provisional.
      • Custody.
      • Custody of minor children.
      • Visitation.
      • Family home.
      • Fixing maintenance payments.
      • Demand for Separation and Divorce.
      • Nullity.

      • Settlement Agreement.
      • Alimony.
      • Matrimonial.
      • Liquidation of property.
      • Separation of property.
      • Tax issues.
      • Partnerships.
      • Execution of sentence.
      • Failure regime views.