In Javaloyes Legal we think of the needs of each client. Therefore, in addition to the timely procurement of legal services or legal aid for procedures or specific issues, we offer the service of Iguala.

This type of contract is intended for companies, organizations or individuals who require continuous and stable legal service to solve their legal matters of any kind: labor, commercial, civil, administrative law, etc.


Through this service customer queries and doubts are resolved, writings, contracts, requirements, and any other legal document that is necessary is written. Similarly legal assistance is provided in any legal proceedings.


We make igualas as taking into account the needs of each client, establishing hedges it needed, and setting a price that fits every type of coverage.


This service is characterized by including in it any legal work, being indifferent to the complexity of the assignments made. For a single price they may instruct all matters that are necessary, without limitation of any kind, allowing you to have at your disposal a whole team of lawyers who will provide a flexible, expert and personalized service.