Specialized lawyers inLabor Law. Today more than ever it is necessary to have a knowledgeable specialist depth of field, to ensure their interests as a worker, or protect, where appropriate, the entrepreneur. Layoffs, ERES, claims, bankruptcy proceedings, termination of contracts, disciplinary law, court procedures, drafting company agreements, special procedures, harassment at work …

Law on Social Security: Processes against social security, disability, disability, death benefits claim and superviencia, retirement and unemployment benefits, lawsuits against high medical, administrative and judicial remedies.

If you want an individualized and immediate, call treatment, and specialized exclusively in the field counsel will attend personally. The better a labor lawyer what you have in JAVALOYES LEGAL.


    • Conciliation and judicial procedures.
    • Termination of employment contract.
    • Layoffs.
    • Claims for payment.
    • Claiming labor rights.
    • Severance pay.

    • Business Consultancy.
    • Mobbing.
    • Accidents.
    • Retirement and disability.
    • Records of employment regulation.