Medical malpractice

Javaloyes Legal is a specialized firm, pioneer and with a long professional experience in the resolution of medical malpractice cases. We are aware of the importance that each assignment has for our clients. We will be your ally at all times.

Our lawyers act in coordination with our medical experts. They will analyze your case from the medical point of view and will elaborate a medical expert to prove the negligence that has existed in your case, as well as an economic valuation of the corporal damage that your lawyer will claim as compensation.

Contact us and our specialists will evaluate your case free of charge.


From Javaloyes Legal we want to offer our help to patients and relatives who have suffered damages due to negligence in the health field, either in public or private health.

Our raison d’être is to support them in the claim process with the aim of obtaining an integral reparation of the damage that helps to compensate the damages caused, even knowing that there are losses that are absolutely irreparable.

Javaloyes Legal’s philosophy is based on offering the highest level of legal assistance, adjusting to the specific needs of each client and treating each case as unique.

As a law firm specialized in Health Law and medical malpractice, we put all our dedication in offering the best solutions to your medical-legal problems.Due to the complexity of health matters, it is essential that when a patient suffers a medical malpractice, he/she is advised by a lawyer specialized in Health Law with a wide experience to claim for the damages suffered.