We help you or your family in the event of arrest, detention, charging, trial, appeal, amparo, pardon, and execution of sentence.

Service throughout the national territory of lawyers in criminal proceedings of any kind, for any offense. Especially in relation to economic, such as fraud, misappropriation, corporate crimes, crimes against the Treasury, money laundering offenses.

Intervention in particularly complex situations like arrests or detention, asserting the rights of people who are in a situation of deprivation of liberty for any reason.
We have a team of criminal lawyers with extensive and proven experience, ensuring effective protection of his interests, and respect for fundamental rights that protect every person who is credited with the commission of any crime.

Our top five in the relationship with the customer are: Honesty, transparency of fees, sensitivity, efficiency and immediacy.

Criminal proceedings


    • Homicide.
    • Injuries.
    • Crimes against sexual freedom.
    • Failure to provide relief.
    • Discovery and disclosure of secrets.
    • Extortion.
    • Robbery and theft.
    • Fraud and misappropriation.
    • Punishable insolvency.