Claims for payment

We offer the fastest way to charge your credit drying up, where appropriate, the possibility of settlement.
Our extensive experience in contract law, in procedural law and commercial law, allows us to establish the best legal solution to the problem of unpaid bills.
Various legal tools, some of them extremely useful, allowing the creditor to obtain an agile for the collection of debt solution.
Verify, first of all, the solvency of the debtor, offering the possibility of taking action against the directors if the person has no fault or negligence Heritage representative or, if they have not reached commercial obligations deposit of annual accounts or dissolution.
We ask the judges to lift the veil of societies, even demanding accountability partners or managers who, relying on the limitation of responsibility, committed an abuse of rights, conducting business operations outside the law, with its fraud creditors.
Contact us if you have unpaid invoices, bills, notes or other effects, and offer certainly the best solution.