Banking Law

Preference shares

We detect bad practices in banking contracts, and determine in very favorable conditions for the customer affected the real possibility of judicially and extrajudicially claim the recovery of financial investments in preference shares to advise the next steps in advance to ensure a greater chance success.
We have implemented numerous judicial and extra-judicial proceedings against several banks that have marketed contracting this type of financial product.
A free and without any obligation to you will submit a questionnaire to assess whether your case has a chance of success. Should they observe, you will raise the potential claims that the law provides for the different scenarios, judicial or extrajudicial, with very favorable economic conditions that allow them to recoup their investment without incurring large outlays.
The preference shares are complex financial products whose return is not guaranteed. In most cases recruitment is carried out with serious breach by the institution of the obligations of Consumers and Users Act, the Securities Market Act and regulating the General Conditions of Contract.
There are already legal rulings of provincial courts and courts of first instance which impose these contracts void, and condemn the entities invested a full refund, with interest and costs amount.
If you contact Legal Javaloyes, you receive the personalized treatment that will not give in consumer associations, and also will be attended personally for the first time by the referee lawyer to defend against the bank and the Courts.

STEP 1: Free study of your case.
STEP 2: Advice and extrajudicial claim. Fixed and low cost.
STEP 3: Judicial Process. Fixed cost plus a percentage of the amounts recovered.
STEP 4: Cancellation of the contract. Payback with interest and costs.