The lawyers of our firm have extensive experience in the defense of owners or guarantors who are immersed in mortgage litigation.
Our way of working is the following: first determine the stage at which the process is, if it has come to start. Accordingly we define a legal strategy to enforce the rights of the client. It’s almost never too late.
Then we examine very closely the mortgage deed to determine the existence of possible invalid or unfair terms. Where appropriate, and if the process admits, present application initiating foreclosure representing the client before the courts until the last consequences, including requesting suspension of evictions, or even negotiating with banks possible alternative formulas extinct the debtor’s liability to the delivery of housing.
Legal Javaloyes court has made significant achievements in relation to these processes, getting from the invalidity of judicial auctions for unpaid mortgage until the stay of execution against guarantors who had no mortgage liability denouncing the bank before the judge.
It is possible that the bank is running improperly, or that the mortgage contains unfair terms, or even that there have been serious procedural errors. In any case, the intervention of a good lawyer in key and perhaps the only remedy to the situation that is.
Our top five in the relationship with the customer are: Honesty, transparency of fees, sensitivity, efficiency and immediacy.