Insolvency and business restructuring

JAVALOYES LEGAL is a law firm specializing in bankruptcy law, insolvency and business crisis. We provide a team of lawyers and economists, thanks to a solid experience in the field, are able to offer the best advice from the preconcursal phase, through the declaration of bankruptcy, to completion.
We also offer legal defense of the debtor in case of applications for insolvency necessary, and advice to managers and directors of fact and law to which personal responsibility are required as a result of declarative actions of responsibility.

  • Preconcursal phase.
  • Preparation of agreement with creditors.
  • Declaration of directors’ liability.
  • Advice and cooperation with the insolvency administrators, trustees, trustees, liquidators and curators.
  • Liquidation.
  • Structuring investments in assets and bankruptcy liabilities.
  • Tax advice of the crisis and in the reorganization of companies.
  • Credit Protection.